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Proper airflow containment design can eliminate some of the upfront capital expense of a project by reducing equipment to reduce capacity. (Photo courtesy of Chatsworth)

In this week’s Voices of the Industry Sam Rodriguez, Sr. Product Manager of Cabinet & Thermal Solutions for Chatsworth Products share some great advice on airflow containment strategies.

Properly managing hot exhaust temperatures produced by computer, data storage and network equipment is one of the most complex challenges data center managers and operators face on a daily basis. It’s a juggling act of keeping equipment functioning at optimal temperatures and keeping management happy by reducing cooling and operating costs.

By developing and implementing a good airflow containment strategy, it is possible to remove hot spots and achieve a lower Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) as a result. Improved hot/cold air isolation results in more savings.

To read the full article, view it on the Data Center Frontier website here.

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