Spanish Telco group Telefónica and US networking firm Cisco will together launch a new portfolio of managed services based on Cisco SD-WAN, Security, and SASE solutions.

The deal between the two firms is described as a ‘strategic alliance’ no less, and they will collaborate on an integrated connectivity and security offer for enterprise customers. From Cisco’s side, it will be providing Cisco SD-WAN solutions, along with the Cisco Meraki cloud-managed platform and wireless products, which can be paired with its security technologies such as Cisco Umbrella, firewalls, anti-malware, intrusion protection, and zero-trust access controls.

The advantages are pitched as easier way to implement and deploy a network, and manage the security layer in real time. The new offerings will be available within the existing flexSITE service which will include Meraki cloud-managed Wi-Fi, LAN and security solutions. In terms of rollout, it will start in Spain and then extend into other European and Latin American markets.


“This alliance reinforces the work done with Cisco for years and will allow Telefónica Tech’s capabilities as a managed services provider within the Cisco ecosystem to evolve,” said Rames Sarwat, Director of Cybersecurity and Cloud Products and Services at Telefónica Tech. “We seek to meet the current needs of our customers, facilitating from the same solution any connectivity and security challenges they may face in the era of hybrid work”.


Shailaja Shankar, General Manager at Cisco Security Business Group added: “The shift to hybrid work has accelerated the need for businesses to connect and protect employees and their devices anywhere. Telefónica Tech’s new managed service will offer customers an innovative, managed service, combining Cisco’s SD-WAN and cloud security solutions in a way that simplifies connectivity and security for office workers and telecommuters. Cisco remains committed to digitalization through the CDA program, named ‘Digitaliza’ in Spain, promoting innovative services like this.”


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