Untangle, a comprehensive network security provider declared the latest release of its award-winning product ‘NG Firewall’.

Untangle’s latest security solution, ‘NG Firewall 16.0’ includes WireGuard VPN which has several VPN options to suit any kind of deployment and administrative choices, to better address the organization’s VPN connectivity demands. With the latest release, Untangle joins the list of other few vendors that adopted WireGuard into its solutions.

NG Firewall 16.0 with WireGuard VPN

WireGuard utilizes cryptography to safeguard networks and offer quick, performance connectivity, designed for ease-of-implementation and integrity of configuration. The company additionally said that there are WireGuard VPN customers for all significant operating systems which also include mobile devices.

Highlights of NG Firewall 16.0

  • IPsec VPN and OpenVPN enhancements: Enhances the user experience and employee productivity by boosting the speed of VPN connections while minimizing VPN connection interruptions.
  • Support for UEFI: Enables administrators with a wider choice of the latest hardware appliances to implement NG Firewall software on.
  • Threat Prevention App: Improvements to the Threat Prevention app present new settings to customize the app behavior and to observe the app activity.
  • General Updates: Enhanced system performance, disk management, and SSL certificate handling.

Heather Paunet, Senior Vice President of Products, Untangle stated,

NG Firewall is a powerhouse SMB solution and with the inclusion of the WireGuard VPN, clients have access to a modern agile, quick, and secure VPN solution to connect corporate office with each other or make an environment for several of current remote workers. By enabling an option among WireGuardVPN, IPsec, and OpenVPN, we encourage administrators to establish up the exact networking environment they need, considering the ease of configuration, performance, and choice concerning cryptographic technologies.

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