Data Center Visibility Drives Cost Savings, Time Efficiencies for Alvarez & Marsal

A new case study from QTS explores how Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) — which  helps companies around the world address complex business issues to boost their productivity and performance — used integrating colocation services with business operations to increase data center visibility.

Data Center Visibility

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The case study explores how the company came to the conclusion that its outsourced data center solution provided opportunities for improved operations.

“Our former data center was operating as a silo,” said Collin John, global system engineering manager for A&M. “My objective was to integrate it into our business operations to improve efficiency and productivity.”

According to the report, a critical element of this plan was creating an on-premise feel, while managing the data center remotely. The company turned to colocation services to achieve this goal.

To do this, A&M needed visibility into the data center environment, including its power use, security controls and workflow processes.

A&M migrated its existing environment to the QTS Piscataway data center in New Jersey, and turned to QTS Realty’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP) to increase data center transparency.

An SDP is a digital orchestration platform that allows organizations to easily view and manage their data center environments 24/7 from any location and any device, according to the report.

With tools like these, companies can speed up delivery, because the platforms allow them to directly access information, place requests and perform tasks. For example, via a user management app, A&M can assign access privileges, issue visitor badges, pull access reports and download compliance documents on-demand.

Ultimately, data center transparency strengthens business operations and security, and can also speed up response time and save money.

Download the full white paper, “Integrating Colocation Services with Business Operations,” which explores how Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) has benefited from integrating colocation services with business operations. 

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