Global Network Provider NetActuate Upgrades Denver Data Center
NetActuateNetActuate, a company operating one of world’s the largest IPv4 and IPv6 peered networks, has announced new availability of network and infrastructure services from their Denver, Colorado data center. Recent expansions and upgrades would provide additional capacity for bare metal, colocation, and increased bandwidth for latency-optimized BGP anycast and IP transit services.

“Denver is an important US location for reliability, being in a very low-risk seismic zone and having an overall low risk for natural disasters,” said Mark

Mahle, CEO and Principal Technology Architect of NetActuate. “Upgrading this location allows us to offer increased capacity for a location perfect for backups, disaster recovery, and network failover.”

Low-Risk Seismic Zone

Centrally located in Downtown Denver, this data center would be ideally situated in a Seismic Zone 1 – one of the lowest risks of earthquakes in the United States. With

mid-point US connectivity, this data center would also be an optimal location for disaster recovery and mission-critical environments.

As part of NetActuate’s global footprint, customers can deploy their hybrid environments into this and over 30 additional US and global locations, without having to manage multiple vendors for their infrastructure and low-latency network services.


Providers can deploy and expand their global presence on NetActuate’s Anycast Delivery Platform, built on one of the largest peered IPv4/IPv6 networks in the world.

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