High Density Computing Driving Demand for 3-Phase Power in the Data Center

Just a few years ago, the idea of using 3-Phase power distribution at the equipment cabinet would have amazed — and potentially amused — data center managers and employees. But today, according to a new report from Server Technology, there are several simple facts within the data center environment that have created demand for 3- Phase power in the equipment cabinet.

3-phase power

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What’s driving the demand? The report states that high density computing with increased server implementations, greater equipment densities, increased power demands, cost reduction initiatives, green directives and redundancy are ramping up the demand for 3-Phase power in the data center equipment cabinet.

Further, today’s IT equipment comes standard with universal power supplies, the report states, that take a wide range of input power and can commonly support 208V/230V power.

Server Technology also points out 3-Phase power can lead to cost savings: “lower number of power whips required at the cabinet, less cables at the bottom of the cabinet or under the floor to block air flow, less poles taken up at the power distribution panel, lower number of cabinet power distribution units needed in the cabinet, greater power efficiencies, and less rework required as the data center expands or new equipment is brought in,” the report shares.

It can also provide for redundancy and further expansion.

3-Phase power combines three electric circuits into one and is supplied over three wires which are typically labeled X, Y and Z in the United States US and L1, L2 and L3 in the European Union EU. — Server Technology

Server Technology contends that for new data centers, equipment refresh and renovations 3-Phase power should be considered as the primary power choice.

What is the reason some IT Managers are choosing 3-Phase power? Think increased power demands and redundancy.

The paper explores the potential cost and efficiency advantages of 3-Phase power, and why it’s a power option growing in popularity among data centers.

Download the full report, “3-Phase Power in the Data Center, courtesy of Server Technology,” that dives into the specifics of the growing data center power option.

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