ROOT Data Center Announces Plans to Build Third Data Center in Montréal

Canadian colocation services provider ROOT Data Center has announced plans to build a third data center to become part of its MTL-R1 La Salle campus in Montréal. MTL-R1B is a greenfield data center development that will create an additional 10MW of power capacity, allowing ROOT Data Center to meet the growing demands of new and existing customers.


Roughly 20 percent of the new facility’s capacity has been pre-sold prior to beginning construction. “As our tenants’ businesses grow, they depend upon us to provide the additional capacity necessary to ensure expansion can take place and meet the increasingly fast growth rates of our customers,” said AJ Byers, President and CEO of ROOT Data Center.  “With a commitment to evolving alongside new and future tenants, ROOT is helping to make Montréal a data center location of choice for growing global enterprises, ultimately boosting the region’s economy.”

This new data center build follows the recent announcement of an additional 6MW at ROOT’s MTL-R2 data center. ROOT’s commitment to this Canadian region was recognized by the West Island Chamber of Commerce, naming ROOT as the winner of three different awards, including Business of the Year.

Hydro Electric Energy

ROOT’s Montréal data center campus would offer several strategic advantages for businesses looking to house their data in Canada. With nearly 100 percent hydro-electrically generated energy, ROOT’s data centers are an “environmentally responsible option” for data center implementations. Combined with the province’s cool climate and “low” power rates, ROOT claims its colocation solutions to be more cost-effective than other markets.


Located along one of the most heavily-trafficked routes on the Internet connecting Europe with the U.S., ROOT’s colocation data centers are positioned to ensure low-latency connectivity for international business operations with the ability to accommodate high-density servers.

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