A new white paper from Venyu provides IT leaders with a framework for future-proofing their IT ecosystem in uncertain times.

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The need to future proof your IT ecosystem has never been greater, according to a new white paper from Venyu. It’s also never been harder to accomplish in the face of global pandemics, natural disasters, a volatile economy, and technological change. To help IT leaders future-proof their systems, networks, and partner ecosystems, the paper outlines a new step-by-step approach.

Vertiv defines future proofing as “the process of anticipating the future and developing methods of minimizing the effects of shocks and stresses of future events.” They explain that scalability and flexibility are critical for future-proofing businesses in uncertain times. The very brief 2020 global recession is an example of why – when the market plummeted, businesses quickly scaled back operations only to have to reverse course just two months later when the economy bounced back.

The framework proposed by Venyu includes five different steps. First, you must strengthen your partner ecosystem, evaluating each vendor, consultant, and IT expert in terms of innovation, their understanding of you and your customers, their unique advantages, and if they’re influencers in their field.

Now would be a good time to update disaster recovery plans to account for the increased prevalence of natural disasters, a growing number of cybersecurity threats, and an increased incidence of supply chain failures. – Venyu, “The Future of Future Proofing

Next, the framework calls for an assessment of your current state, as well as your short term and long term goals for the business. “With that path mapped out, the final step will be to throw a wrench into the works and explore what happens if the best-laid plans go awry.”

The framework also includes guidance to help IT leaders remain resilient, deliver performance, and leverage the cloud. Each section includes key questions for IT business leaders to consider as they work to create IT and partnership ecosystems that are more efficient, effective, and enduring.

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