CAPRE’s Data Center Round Up for November 13, 2019
Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center industry for November 13, 2019:

  • Host In Ireland Members Launch DCs for Bees: Host in Ireland has teamed up with the Native Woodland Trust and the Irish National Biodiversity Centre as part of a long-term initiative to help save Irish bees. The launch, which took place on Friday 25th October 2019, saw over 100 members and associates of Host In Ireland plant indigenous Irish trees in County Wicklow to help create safe habitat and food for bees.One-third of Ireland’s bee species are threatened with extinction. At the current rate of decline, 90% of our bumblebees in Ireland will be wiped out by 2050. Not only are bees an indicator of healthy biodiversity, but they are also crucial in the production of more than 70% of our food. This launch is the beginning of a broader initiative that will include a toolkit to enable Host In Ireland members, and the industry as a whole, to make an impact on their premises, in their community and within their global companies. It aims to support education, advocacy, awareness and meaningful action to improve bee populations. Host In Ireland hopes to influence other industries to get involved and reach a far greater audience than Native Woodland Trust or National Biodiversity Data Centre could do working with individual companies.
  • Squire Mining to Terminate Cloud Computing Share Purchase Agreement: Squire Mining will terminate the share purchase agreement dated August 29, 2019 among Squire, Mr. Calvin Ayre, Cunning Hams Limited, Tansley Equipment Limited, and Woodland Technolog. Since the execution of the Purchase Agreement, economic conditions in the blockchain and cloud computing industry have changed materially.  Due to these changes, among other things, the parties have entered into a termination agreement  pursuant to which Squire, Mr. Calvin Ayre and the Companies have agreed that the Purchase Agreement is terminated in its entirety and all of parties released from their obligations. The companies will work together in good faith to assess and if deemed advisable, each in their sole discretion, restructure the transactions contemplated by the Purchase Agreement on terms and conditions which reflect current market conditions and a revised valuation.
  • Telecom Italia + City of Torino Launch First 5G Edge Cloud Live Network in Europe: TIM and the Municipality of Turin have strengthened their collaboration in technological innovation and set a new record, turning on Europe’s first 5G Edge Cloud live network with connected drones. By enabling the integrated processing of Big Data collected by IoT platforms and analyzed by Artificial Intelligence systems, 5G Edge Cloud is the keystone for the advancement and dissemination of the digital services for the Smart City: public safety and self-driving cars, environmental monitoring and Industry 4.0. The 5G Edge Cloud network guarantees very high bandwidth and low latency and allows an exceptionally large amount of data to be aggregated and processed, providing for safe digital services of an extremely high quality that respect customer privacy, as well as allowing greater agility and flexibility in the configuration of services and applications, under the typical Cloud logic. TIM hereby further boosts its “5G Digital Business Platform”, the innovative platform that works as a joint ecosystem between TIM, its technological partners, the world of developers, companies and the public administration to develop new digital services in a more agile, straight forward, scalable and rapid way.
  • Advania Data Centers Expands its Sustainable Data Centers to Sweden: Advania Data Centers and Stockholm Exergi have joined in partnership for the construction of a new data center in Stockholm, Sweden. ADC will lease land in Stockholm Data Parks to build the data center, and the heat generated by computing equipment in the data center will be used for local house-heating in Stockholm. This arrangement ensures a dramatic increase in the energy efficiency of the data center, making it environmentally friendly, and will utilize heat that is traditionally wasted for the benefit of the local community. This is the first data center ADC plans to build outside of Iceland, where it already runs two first-class data centers.
  • Red Hat Releases Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8: Red Hat has announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1, the latest version of the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform. The first minor release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 enhances the manageability, security and performance of the operating system underpinning the open hybrid cloud while also adding new capabilities to drive developer innovation. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the foundation of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud portfolio, providing the underlying engine that allows complex workloads to be developed and deployed across physical, virtual, private and public cloud environments with greater confidence and control. As the backbone of the hybrid cloud, the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform provides a consistent user experience across on premise deployments and all major public cloud infrastructures. At the same time, it supports key production workloads like Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA while also enabling new workloads like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML).

CAPRE’s Data Center Round Up for November 13, 2019

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