CAPRE’s Data Center Round Up for November 15, 2019
Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center industry for November 15, 2019:

  • Digital Realty Earns Nareit’s Data Center Sustainability Award for Third Consecutive Year: Digital Realty has earned the National Association of Real Estate Investments Trusts (Nareit) “Leader in the Light” award for data center sustainability for the third consecutive year. The award honors Nareit member companies that have produced superior, measurable results from the implementation of sustainable business practices. In 2018, Digital Realty added 104 megawatts of renewable energy contracts across its U.S. portfolio, bringing the total executed under long-term contracts to 288 megawatts of renewable energy.  Last year, the company’s renewable energy efforts resulted in 533,900 metric tons of avoided carbon emissions, the equivalent of taking 113,000 cars off the road each year, or the electricity needs of more than 93,000 homes per year. In 2019, the company announced an additional 50 megawatts of renewables to support its data centers in Ashburn, VA, and signed a green tariff agreement with Portland General Electric (PGE) which will supply approximately 120,000 megawatt-hours annually to Digital Realty’s data center development project in Hillsboro, OR.
  • DC BLOX Announces New Debt Capital from Deutsche Bank:  DC BLOX has raised new debt capital from Deutsche Bank AG. DC BLOX will use the proceeds from the Deutsche Bank term loan to meet customer growth for its existing data centers and to expand business operations. DC BLOX is experiencing strong demand for its multi-tenant, Tier 3 data centers in underserved cities across the Southeastern U.S. Enterprises, cloud providers, government entities, educational institutions, and service partners are facing infrastructure and connectivity decisions as part of the increased digitization of their organizations. Therefore, businesses seeking to add reliable data center space and power, address disaster recovery scenarios, connect to multiple cloud providers, and protect their valuable data are increasingly considering colocation data centers with rich connectivity as a strategic component of their future digital architecture.

  • Mellanox Introduces Mellanox Skyway 200 Gigabit HDR InfiniBand to Ethernet Gateway Appliance for High Performance and Cloud Data Centers: Mellanox Technologies has introduced Mellanox Skyway, a 200 gigabit HDR InfiniBand to Ethernet gateway appliance. Mellanox Skyway enables a scalable and efficient way to connect the high-performance, low-latency InfiniBand data center to external Ethernet infrastructures or connectivity. Mellanox Skyway is the next generation of the existing 56 gigabit FDR InfiniBand to 40 gigabit Ethernet gateway system, deployed in multiple data centers around the world. HPC, AI, data-intensive and cloud infrastructures leverage InfiniBand’s high data throughput, extremely low latency, and smart In-Network Computing acceleration engines to deliver world-leading application performance and scalability. For cases requiring connectivity into external Ethernet-based platforms, Mellanox offers the Skyway appliance, a 1.6 terabit-per-second InfiniBand to Ethernet gateway appliance, supporting eight 100 or 200 gigabit ports on each of the InfiniBand and Ethernet sides. IT managers can scale the number of Skyway appliances over time to meet the demands of their users.

  • New CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Certification Exam Available Worldwide: CompTIA, the leading provider of vendor-neutral skills certifications for the global technology workforce, today introduced a new version of CompTIA Cloud Essentials+, a professional credential for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge to make more informed decisions about cloud service options and strategies. CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ is the only foundational, vendor-neutral cloud business certification in the market. It establishes an essential foundation of knowledge about cloud solutions that are applicable in any cloud environment regardless of who the cloud service provider is.
  • Nokia and VMware Expand Partnership to Ease Large-Scale, Multi-Cloud Operations: Nokia and VMware today announced an expanded partnership that includes the development of integrated solutions to support communications service providers’ (CSPs) drive for operational improvements and cost efficiency through large-scale, multi-cloud operations. VMware and Nokia have a broad mutual customer base globally, across both companies’ portfolios. The two companies will advance the interoperability between Nokia software applications and VMware’s Telco Cloud, including VMware vCloud NFV. Nokia and VMware will also increase their investments in a deeper partnership with technology collaboration and advanced research & development to develop integrated solutions. As a result, CSPs will be able to more easily meet their business and use case objectives, using VMware cloud infrastructure that is engineered to work together with Nokia virtualized and containerized network functions. 

CAPRE’s Data Center Round Up for November 15, 2019

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