A new white paper from Data Aire explores economization and why it’s important in mission critical environments like data centers. The report looks at when economization is effective and the key things engineers should consider when choosing between an airside or a waterside economizer.  The white paper, which is subtitled “A Guide to Achieving Year-round Economization with Your Precision Cooling System,” explains that economization is “accomplished by taking advantage of [the] temperature difference between indoor and outdoor ambient conditions, rather than running compressors to provide the cooling.”

Economization in Today’s Mission Critical Environments 2

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The authors first lay out the economic factors that make economization solutions, or free cooling, critical in a data center environment. Driven by rising energy costs, they predict that power will account for about 15% of data center operating expenses this year. They cite their own experience with customers by saying, “customers are seeking an efficient precision cooling system that can greatly reduce their total cost of ownership.”

The article goes on to present an overview of the federal and industry requirements that impact economization considerations. A brief explanation of the impact of ASHRAE Standard 90.1, California’s title 24 Energy Standard, and others is presented. They note that the standards and requirements are ever changing to support new and current carbon reduction initiatives.

“States may also set “carbon neutrality” or “net-zero” targets. Under these targets, states commit to address their remaining greenhouse gas emissions through an equivalent amount of “emissions removals” or “avoided emissions.”” Data Aire, Conserve Energy in Today’s Demanding Mission Critical Environments

The report then outlines how the Data Aire gForce Ultra system, “is engineered to provide outstanding energy efficiencies by monitoring outdoor air conditions and choosing to cool the space” by selecting one of three cooling options. The paper wraps up with two mini case studies of customers that have successfully implemented gForce Ultra economization solutions.

Download the full report “Conserve Energy in Today’s Demanding Mission Critical Environments” from Data Aire to learn more about ABC.