Start Campus and EXA Infrastructure Connect Sines Green Giant Data Center Campus to Madrid with New Terrestrial Routes

In a move that promises to revolutionize data connectivity in Europe and beyond, Start Campus and EXA Infrastructure have joined forces to establish two new diverse and redundant terrestrial routes in Sines, Portugal. This groundbreaking partnership marks a significant milestone in the data center industry, positioning Sines as a powerful gateway for digital platforms across Europe, Africa, and the Americas.


EXA Infrastructure and the Power of Connectivity

EXA Infrastructure, the leading dedicated digital infrastructure platform connecting Europe and North America, is set to invest in the new diverse network routes. This expansion in Sines serves to address the surging demand for enhanced connectivity in southern Europe, as the region continues to emerge as a major player in the global data network ecosystem.

Steve Roberts, VP of Network Investments at EXA Infrastructure, expressed excitement about the partnership with Start Campus and their mutual goal of empowering growth and success for their customers. The addition of Sines to EXA’s expansive terrestrial network will serve as a strategic anchor connecting the ambitious SINES Project to Madrid, Spain, and beyond.

The Vision Behind Start Campus’s SINES Project

At the heart of this venture lies Start Campus’s visionary SINES Project, a hyperscaler data center campus with a staggering 495 MW capacity. Representing an investment of up to €3.5 billion, the SINES Project is poised to become one of Europe’s largest data center ecosystems. As a 100% green energy initiative, it responds to the growing demand from international tech giants for sustainable data solutions.

Afonso Salema, CEO of Start Campus, emphasized the significance of EXA Infrastructure’s commitment to connecting Sines to Madrid through these new routes. This development lays the foundation for a new era of high-speed multi-continental connectivity, firmly establishing Portugal as a prominent connectivity hub in Europe.

The SINES Project: Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future


The SINES Project boasts several strategic advantages. Its cutting-edge ocean water cooling systems, access to high-voltage power grids, and high-capacity international fiber optic cables linking to Africa and the Americas ensure unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Moreover, being fully powered by renewable and affordable energy, the project offers a compelling low Total Cost of Operations (TCO) for its customers.

Building Synergies for a Global Digital Hub

The significance of the SINES Project goes beyond its local impact. Last year, Start Campus forged a landmark agreement with EllaLink, which inaugurated the first direct high-speed connection by submarine cable between Europe and South America. This collaboration creates synergies that promote Sines as a pivotal digital hub in the global data network systems.

A Glimpse into the Future

With direct connectivity to Lisbon and Madrid already in place, the SINES Project’s network will soon extend its reach to Marseille, Barcelona, Casablanca, and beyond. The roadmap envisions seamless connections to the United States, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, cementing Sines as an indispensable player in the interconnected digital landscape.

The collaboration between Start Campus and EXA Infrastructure in developing the SINES Project and its extensive connectivity pathway marks a turning point in the data center industry. As data demands continue to soar, Sines, Portugal, is poised to become a pivotal gateway connecting three continents. By embracing green energy solutions and investing in cutting-edge infrastructure, Start Campus and EXA Infrastructure are propelling the world towards a more sustainable and interconnected future. 

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