There is a shift happening in the data center world as IT leaders strive to support both the needs of their customers and data center management. New requirements and architecture, along with the demand for near constant connectivity, mean leaders need more visibility into performance, efficiency, uptime, and infrastructure in order to make informed decisions around their digital infrastructure. Fortunately, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools have evolved to handle the ever growing volume of information your data center generates. Now, getting the visibility you need means deploying modern DCIM software to measure and manage data center assets.



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The Software-Defined Bottom Line, featuring Schneider Electric, explores the evolution of software used to measure and manage data centers, as well as the critical factors leaders must consider as they design the future of digital infrastructure. Check out our recent article series focused on the special report:

The Evolution of Data Center Management Software: We kick off our article series by first taking a look back at how data center management software has changed over time. We consider eight emerging challenges operators are now facing thanks to changing customer demands and the increased volume of data flowing through data centers. We also look at the management journey of digital infrastructure and how digital modernization impacts physical infrastructure management.


How DCIM is Different TodayIn our second article, we take a deeper look at the solutions and systems managing some of the most critical infrastructures in the world. As it relates to DCIM software, it’s key to understand what has changed and how you can apply new management solutions to improve operations and your bottom line. We explore how outages and human error impact modern management issues and we consider five key attributes of DCIM systems.

The Software-Defined Bottom Line and the Data Center Value EquationNext up in our article series, we discuss the data center value equation and how the introduction of digital innovation has changed the math. We also go deeper on the key DCIM software attributes we touched on in the previous article. As noted in the article, “modern data center management solutions go far beyond traditional data center management requirements with improved visibility, data-driven tools, and more straightforward deployment strategies.”

DCIM Tools and Partnering to Impact the Software-Defined Bottom LineWe conclude our article series by looking at a real-world example of how modern DCIM software tools are already making an impact in the data center and hyperscale space. The paper outlines how a data center operator leveraged DCIM tools to revolutionize the way the manage their critical infrastructure. As a result, the client saved nearly $1 million a year, improved operation visibility across multiple sites, and improved end-user reporting.

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