Simplifying Enterprise Digital Infrastructure Management: 365 Data Centers CEO, Bob DeSantis, Nominated for the Tech Capital Awards

Bob DeSantis, CEO of 365 Data Centers, is one of the contenders for the upcoming Tech Capital Awards, a hallmark of excellence.  Bob is among the leaders being considered for his outstanding contributions to the growth and consolidation of the data center industry, as well as his excellence in delivering top-quality services, innovation, and financial performance in the data center, network, and cloud space.


Nominated for the Regional Digital Infrastructure Leader Award, under Bob’s leadership, 365 Data Centers has grown into one of the largest privately owned hyper-connected data center operators, with 20 facilities in mostly edge markets. His transformative approach has repositioned 365 Data Centers into a network-centric colocation company delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to over 650 customers across the United States.

In 2022, Bob led the company through an asset acquisition of Sungard Availability Services’ US colocation and network business, primarily high-density, data center facilities across several rapidly expanding edge markets, a network platform capable of delivering a variety of connectivity offerings, and 400 new customers. Bob’s acquisition strategy, along with support from Stonecourt Capital, has more than doubled the company’s revenue since he took over as CEO in 2017. 


Bob’s investment in upgrading the company’s existing data centers, including implementing the latest power and cooling technologies, has helped 365 Data Centers offer highly reliable and cost-effective services to customers. Additionally, his focus on building strong relationships with hyperscale cloud providers has enabled the company to offer customers direct, low-latency connections to these cloud platforms, a critical feature for enterprises relying on hybrid cloud-based services.

As a visionary leader and an exemplary executive, Bob continues to demonstrate an outstanding impact on the continued growth and consolidation of the data center industry, excellence in the quality and delivery of services, business improvement and innovation, and leading financial performance achievements in the data center, network, and cloud space. His leadership, business and technical acumen, and innovation have led to the company’s exceptional growth and transformation into a leading provider of network-centric colocation and IaaS solutions.