Start Campus and DE-CIX Partner to Create a Sustainable Digital Hub in SINES, Portugal

In a significant development for the world of sustainable data centers and global internet connectivity, Start Campus, the pioneering company behind 100% green energy ecosystems, has announced its partnership with DE-CIX, the leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator, to establish a new Point of Presence (PoP) at Start Campus’s SINES Project

in Sines, Portugal. This strategic move positions Sines as a vital hub for intercontinental connectivity, facilitating the efficient exchange of data between Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.

Start Campus’s commitment to sustainability shines through in its 100% sustainable data center campus, which operates on 24×7 renewable energy facilities. The collaboration with DE-CIX not only enhances the digital ecosystem’s sustainability but also brings an industry-leading IX solution to the region, offering direct connectivity to other DE-CIX IXs in Southern Europe, including Madrid, Barcelona, and Marseille.

Sines, located approximately 120 km from Lisbon, is strategically situated at Europe’s southwestern edge, making it an ideal location for international data exchange. Multiple subsea providers, such as EllaLink, are planning to land their systems at Start Campus’s SINES Project, further bolstering the region’s importance as a global connectivity hub.

Fabiola Bordino, Head of Sustainability, Communication, and Marketing at Start Campus, expressed her excitement about the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to welcome DE-CIX to Start Campus and to offer our customers an industry-leading IX solution that will keep local traffic local while routing data more efficiently across DE-CIX’s interconnected footprint. Enabling ease of interconnection and reach exemplifies our mission of creating a robust digital ecosystem to benefit the industry and our local market.”

DE-CIX, with its extensive network spanning multiple metro regions, continents, and hundreds of data centers, is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. Theresa Bobis, Regional Director, Southern Europe at DE-CIX, stated, “Sines is set to be home to multiple subsea systems interconnecting and serving Southern Europe, coupled with the enhanced proximity and reach to Africa and other European markets, DE-CIX is excited to expand its Southern Europe footprint to Sines, fortifying connectivity for Portugal and beyond.”


DE-CIX, known for its interconnection services in nearly 50 metro markets across the globe, interconnects thousands of network operators, Internet service providers, content providers, and enterprise networks from over 100 countries. With its presence in Frankfurt, Germany, one of the largest Internet Exchanges globally, DE-CIX handles massive data volumes and facilitates seamless digital communication on a global scale.

Start Campus’s strategic vision emphasizes the use of strategic locations to enable gateway connectivity. Their collaboration with DE-CIX marks a significant step in bringing their vision of sustainably supported data center ecosystems to life, incorporating innovative features like ocean water cooling systems, high-voltage power grids, and high-capacity international fiber optic cables, all poised to channel IX traffic by late 2023.

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