Start Campus Appoints Robert Dunn as Interim CEO Amidst Exciting Developments in Europe’s Largest Green Data Center Ecosystem
Start Campus Appoints Robert Dunn as Interim CEO Amidst Exciting Developments in Europe’s Largest Green Data Center Ecosystem


Start Campus has announced the appointment of Robert Dunn as the Interim Chief Executive Officer. The company, currently spearheading the development of one of Europe’s largest data center ecosystems, located in Sines, Portugal, has been making waves in the industry with its ambitious project boasting an impressive 495 MW capacity, all powered by 100% green energy.

A Leadership Transition for Continued Excellence

Mr. Dunn, an industry veteran renowned for his expertise in delivering cutting-edge data center solutions, steps into the role of Interim CEO with immediate effect. His extensive leadership experience in the data center industry, coupled with his previous role as Head of Design and Delivery since April 2022, positions him strategically to guide the project through its critical operational phase.

This announcement follows the resignations of Afonso Salema, the former Chief Executive Officer, and Rui Oliveira Neves, who served as the Chief Legal and Sustainability Officer. Start Campus assures its stakeholders that these changes in leadership will not compromise its unwavering commitment to the highest standards in business, sustainability, and project execution.

Continued Commitment to Portugal’s Growth and Sustainability


Start Campus remains steadfast in its commitment to Portugal, ensuring the continuity of operations and sustained investment in the region. The company emphasizes its dedication to maintaining the same level of high-quality service for its team, customers, and business partners.

The commitment extends to full cooperation with Portuguese authorities, providing all necessary information to facilitate a thorough and impartial investigation into recent events. Start Campus is resolute in its mission to contribute to Portugal’s energy transition and digital transformation, aligning with the nation’s strategic goals.

Strong Backing from Shareholders and a Vision for the Future

Both major shareholders of Start Campus, Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP, and Pioneer Point Partners LLP, affirm their unwavering commitment to the ongoing development of the project. As one of the largest data centers in Europe, the project is poised to play a pivotal role in Portugal’s energy transition, digital transformation, and in meeting the escalating demands of international technology companies.

The leadership transition marks a new chapter in Start Campus’s journey, as it navigates towards operational readiness. With Mr. Dunn at the helm, supported by a dedicated team, Start Campus is well-positioned to deliver on its promises and contribute significantly to the flourishing landscape of sustainable data solutions in Europe.