A new white paper by BCS presents strategic solutions for how people, processes and technology can safeguard mission critical infrastructure in data centers during uncertain times.

Strategies for Safeguarding Mission Critical Infrastructure in Data Centers 2

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As the data center industry grows and evolves to meet the changing needs of its customers, data center owners are “in a position to take the lead on influencing where the industry goes next.” To help define their new normal, owners are evaluating if and how they should adapt to a changing market. To make wise, informed decisions, they need to understand the motivation and mission of their critical facility management provider. They also need to develop a strategy to safeguard their next-generation mission critical infrastructure.

The paper begins by posing five critical questions data center operators should ask their critical facility management provider. First, owners need to know if the provider is “100% focused on operating data centers,” or if they’re juggling multiple businesses. Second, who’s accountable when something goes wrong? Third, what is the provider’s plan to deliver excellent service? Fourth, are they willing to demonstrate the “level of care, attention and detail that goes into the operations of their critical facility?” Finally, it’s critical for owners to know how their service operator impacts their overall cost of ownership.

“Too often, what is intended as a lights-out critical facility, does not have the advanced telemetry or a remote visibility in place to protect it against loss of customer service, credibility and reputation.” BCS – “How People, Processes and Technology are Redefining Data Center Operations”

The next step in safeguarding your mission critical infrastructure is to “create a framework for critical facility operations in uncertain times,” according to the report. BSC suggests three primary pillars be included in any strategy. First, they recommend having a real-time monitoring infrastructure. Second, they say it’s critical that you know and can measure key success metrics.  Third, you have to be able to manage based on predictive methodologies. According to the report, “Instituting critical facility monitoring, measurement and management will create a framework and a roadmap for data center owners and operators to follow that will lead to certain success in these uncertain times.”

The human element is another factor in safeguarding mission critical infrastructure in data centers. The report cites data from Uptime Institute’s Global Data Center Survey that says “75% of organizations say their most recent incident could have been prevented with better management or improved processes, making the vast majority of outages a result of human error.” The paper outlines common root causes of human error and a 5-point plan to close “gaps in process, training, and resources.”

Download the full report, “How People, Processes and Technology are Redefining Data Center Operations” to learn more about BCS’s recommended strategies for safeguarding mission critical infrastructure in data centers.

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