These Chinese companies are top domain name registrars.

I get asked from time to time which domain registrars are the best in China and which of them offer services in English. Well, hopefully you’ll find your answers in this article.

The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) surveys the domain industry every year and publishes its findings in a report (互联网域名产业报告). The latest one was released in June, 2019. Based on the report, I have compiled the following Top 10 domain registrars.


1 Aliyun (阿里云-万网) (C)
2 Xi Bu Shu Ma (西部数码) (E)
3 Xin Net (新网数码) (C)
4 eName (易名中国) (C,E)
5 Shang Zhong Zai Xian (商中在线) (C)
6 Zhe Jiang Er Er (浙江贰贰-爱名网) (C)
7 Mei Cheng Hu Lian (美橙互联) (C)
8 Bang Ning (江苏邦宁) (C)
9 San Wu Hu Lian (三五互联) (C)
10 Xin Wang Hu Lian (新网互联) (C)

In the table, C indicates information available in Chinese and E in English. As you can see, only two of the top 10 registrars offer their services in English.

Xi Bu Shu Ma (西部数码) is probably better known as The company actually offers its English services from a separate site ( You can register, bid for, or drop-catch domains. They also offer buyer agent service to help you acquire a particular domain from a Chinese owner.

eName provides a wide range of services such as auction, backorder, and escrow. (Its subsidiary also offers similar services in English.) Interestingly, if you list your domains with a BIN price at Afternic, they will be available to Chinese buyers when they search for your domains at eName. This is because eName is a partner in Afternic’s global retail network. This method actually allows you to sell to China without having to deal with the language and payment issues.

Therefore, you can try,, and for domain services in English.

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