Squarespace to Acquire Google Domains Assets

Squarespace to Acquire Google Domains AssetsSquarespace is buying the domain business of Google. This purchase includes approximately 10 million domains hosted on Google Domains spread across millions of customers.


Squarespace issued a press release, from the release:

Upon closing, Squarespace, a long- time reseller of Google Workspace, will become the exclusive domains provider for any customer purchasing a domain along with their Workspace subscription from Google directly for a minimum of three years. Squarespace will also provide billing and support services to Google Workspace customers that signed up for the service through Google Domains. Customers will continue to have the option to make changes to their domains account at any time.

Google published a support document that answers a few questions for those affected by the sale.


We want you to be aware of important upcoming changes to your Google Domains account. On June 15, 2023, Squarespace announced its intent to purchase domain registrations and related customer accounts from Google Domains.

What is happening?

On June 15, 2023, Google entered into a definitive agreement with Squarespace, where they intend to purchase all domain registrations and related customer accounts from Google Domains. You can read more about the announcement at domains.squarespace.com.

What does this mean for me as a customer?

There is no immediate impact on your Google Domains account and there is nothing you need to do at this time. Once regulatory approvals are obtained and the transaction closes, you will become a customer of Squarespace, and your domain will be owned and, after a transition period, managed by Squarespace. If applicable, at the time of transition, associated Google Workspace services will be automatically managed by Squarespace, subject to limited exceptions. Squarespace will contact you directly if any further action is required.