$10K buyer of Doge.xyz revealed

Three weeks ago Doge.xyz sold for $10,000 at Sedo. This was a five figure .xyz sale that was not sold by Swetha from DNGear.com.

The seller registered the name way back in 2014. Held it for 7 years and got the right offer. The domain name moved to GoDaddy 3 days ago and a landing page is now up about what’s coming next. The buyer (Mydoge) will be launching a beta for a new social crypto wallet.


DogeCoin has had quite the run this year with one investor holding a billion dollar (on paper) position. BusinessInsider.com proclaimed, “The world’s biggest holder of Dogecoin owns 28% of the cryptocurrency – a position now worth $2.1 billion.”

CryptoSlate.com published in August:

Online casino portal GamblersPick talked to 1,000 US investors about the amount of crypto they own, how they have financed their portfolios and what they choose to forgo in order to maintain their investment.

Based on survey results, investment calls were made mostly after consulting Reddit, since over a third of crypto holders reported getting their information there, while 35% admitted that Elon Musk has influenced their crypto-related decisions.

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