$30 million in funding for a company with a .email domain, Titan.email !

From their site: “Titan raises $30m from Automattic to build the future of professional email”

Who says email is dead? (Well, you’re clearly wrong).

Lots of ccTLDs this week, the top one a $2.4 billion buyout of OpenFibre.it by a private equity group.

Funding Breakdown:

Average funding: $24,293,889

Total: $4,858,777,789

(Average is skewed by the $2.4 billion[!!!] in the first row.  Median is $4,500,000)

TLD Breakdown (with two-or-more TLDs present in the list)

  • .com – 126
  • .io – 11
  • .co – 10
  • .ai – 6
  • .app – 5
  • .it – 4
  • .au – 3
  • .br – 3
  • .de – 3
  • .bio – 2
  • .es – 2
  • .in – 2
  • .net – 2
  • .ru – 2
  • .sg – 2
Organization Name Last Funding Type Last Funding Amt Domain TLD Website
Open Fiber Venture – Series Unknown $2,493,712,785 openfiber.it .it http://openfiber.it
Eranove Venture – Series Unknown $250,000,000 eranove.com .com http://www.eranove.com/
Movile Venture – Series Unknown $193,195,649 movile.com .com https://www.movile.com
Harvest Capital Management Venture – Series Unknown $124,000,000 harvestcm.com .com https://www.harvestcm.com/
Brandless Venture – Series Unknown $118,000,000 brandless.com .com http://www.brandless.com
Pepgen Venture – Series Unknown $112,500,000 pepgen.com .com https://pepgen.com/
Mait Venture – Series Unknown $71,216,701 computerkomplett.de .de https://www.computerkomplett.de/
Geometrical-PAL Seed $61,821,891 geometricalpal.com .com http://www.geometricalpal.com/
ottonova Venture – Series Unknown $47,329,996 ottonova.deen .deen https://www.ottonova.de/en
Elroy Air Series A $40,000,000 elroyair.com .com http://elroyair.com
AmplifiedAg Venture – Series Unknown $40,000,000 amplifiedaginc.com .com https://www.amplifiedaginc.com/
WorkJam Venture – Series Unknown $35,000,000 workjam.com .com http://www.workjam.com/
Doku Venture – Series Unknown $32,000,000 doku.com .com http://doku.com
Engrail Therapeutics Series A $32,000,000 engrail.com .com https://engrail.com/
Reserve Trust Series A $30,500,000 reservetrust.com .com https://www.reservetrust.com/
MakersPlace Series A $30,000,000 makersplace.com .com https://makersplace.com/
Iterative Scopes Series A $30,000,000 iterativescopes.com .com http://www.iterativescopes.com
Connections Venture – Series Unknown $30,000,000 connectionshs.com .com https://www.connectionshs.com
Titan Series A $30,000,000 titan.email .email https://titan.email/
Manufaqtury Venture – Series Unknown $27,406,758 manufaqtury.com .com https://manufaqtury.com/
smapOne Venture – Series Unknown $23,676,008 smapone.com .com https://www.smapone.com/
Nuki Home Solutions Venture – Series Unknown $23,525,592 nuki.io .io http://nuki.io/
Retain.ai Series A $23,000,000 retain.ai .ai https://retain.ai/
Messari Series A $21,000,000 messari.io .io https://messari.io
ZeroEyes Series A $20,900,000 zeroeyes.com .com https://zeroeyes.com/
Snoop Series A $20,837,674 snoop.app .app https://snoop.app/
Yaydoo Series A $20,400,000 yaydoo.com .com https://www.yaydoo.com
Mixlab Series A $20,000,000 mixlabrx.com .com https://www.mixlabrx.com
Ahana Series A $20,000,000 ahana.io .io https://ahana.io/
Smile CDR Series A $20,000,000 smilecdr.com .com https://www.smilecdr.com/
Fashinza Series A $19,991,325 fashinza.com .com https://fashinza.com/
Trading 212 Venture – Series Unknown $19,136,105 trading212.com .com https://www.trading212.com/
Felmo Venture – Series Unknown $17,757,006 felmo.de .de https://felmo.de
Skill Lync Series A $17,516,754 skill-lync.com .com https://skill-lync.com/
NavigatorCRE Series A $17,200,000 navigatorcre.com .com http://www.navigatorcre.com/
Verifiable Series A $17,000,000 verifiable.com .com https://verifiable.com
Onsurity Series A $16,000,000 onsurity.com .com https://www.onsurity.com
Lucid Lane Inc. Series A $16,000,000 lucidlane.com .com https://www.lucidlane.com/
Pulnovo Medical Venture – Series Unknown $15,455,472 pulnovomed.com .com http://www.pulnovomed.com/
Hero Cosmetics Venture – Series Unknown $15,449,284 herocosmetics.us .us https://www.herocosmetics.us/
Ruiyun Cold Chain Seed $15,000,000 rycc.net .net http://rycc.net/
Villa Homes Venture – Series Unknown $15,000,000 villahomes.com .com https://villahomes.com
Wildfire Systems Series A $15,000,000 wildfire-corp.com .com https://wildfire-corp.com/
Polywork Series A $13,000,000 polywork.com .com https://www.polywork.com/
Zeelo Series A $12,000,000 zeelo.co .co http://www.zeelo.co
Quaise Venture – Series Unknown $12,000,000 quaise.energy .energy https://www.quaise.energy
Aira Seed $12,000,000 airapower.com .com http://airapower.com
Ryff Venture – Series Unknown $11,700,000 ryff.com .com https://www.ryff.com
Embody Venture – Series Unknown $11,500,000 embody-inc.com .com https://embody-inc.com/
Naked Insurance Series A $11,139,811 naked.insure .insure https://www.naked.insure/
Statsig Series A $10,400,000 statsig.com .com https://www.statsig.com/
LogComex Series A $10,300,000 logcomex.com .com http://logcomex.com/
Zeroheight Series A $10,000,000 zeroheight.com .com http://www.zeroheight.com
SINAI Technologies Seed $10,000,000 sinaitechnologies.com .com http://www.sinaitechnologies.com
Hydrostor Venture – Series Unknown $10,000,000 hydrostor.ca .ca http://www.hydrostor.ca/
Panhwar Jet Series A $10,000,000 panhwarjet.com .com https://panhwarjet.com
Lottus Education Venture – Series Unknown $9,800,000 lottus.com .com https://www.lottus.com/
Salux Venture – Series Unknown $9,553,835 salux.com.br .br http://www.salux.com.br
Xeno Biosciences Venture – Series Unknown $9,426,538 xenobiosciences.com .com http://www.xenobiosciences.com
Aspen Digital Seed $8,800,000 aspendigital.co .co https://www.aspendigital.co
Caju Series A $8,704,398 caju.com.br .br http://www.caju.com.br
Asimily Venture – Series Unknown $8,676,067 asimily.com .com https://www.asimily.com
Correlated Seed $8,300,000 getcorrelated.com .com https://getcorrelated.com
gitti Seed $8,189,920 gitticonsciousbeauty.de .de https://www.gitticonsciousbeauty.de
Nektar.ai Seed $8,100,000 nektar.ai .ai https://nektar.ai/
STOREE Seed $8,000,000 storee.ai .ai https://www.storee.ai/
AgroScout Series A $7,500,000 agro-scout.com .com http://agro-scout.com/
Append Medical Series A $7,400,000 appendmedical.com .com https://www.appendmedical.com/
Carputty Seed $7,200,000 carputty.com .com https://www.carputty.com
Frontdesk Venture – Series Unknown $7,000,000 stayfrontdesk.com .com https://stayfrontdesk.com
OpenCity.co Venture – Series Unknown $6,800,000 opencity.co .co https://www.opencity.co/
Pliant Seed $6,469,537 getpliant.com .com https://www.getpliant.com/
SIRPant Immunotherapeutics Venture – Series Unknown $6,221,031 sirpantimmunotx.com .com https://sirpantimmunotx.com/
CleanFiber Venture – Series Unknown $6,107,856 cleanfiber.com .com https://www.cleanfiber.com/
Comma Seed $6,021,764 usecomma.com .com https://usecomma.com/
ZenLedger Series A $6,000,000 zenledger.io .io https://www.zenledger.io/
Onramp Invest Seed $6,000,000 onrampinvest.com .com https://www.onrampinvest.com/
MGA Thermal Series A $5,917,361 mgathermalstorage.com .com https://mgathermalstorage.com/
Hudson River Biotechnology Series A $5,916,249 hudsonriverbiotechnology.com .com http://www.hudsonriverbiotechnology.com/
Encellin Seed $5,900,000 encellin.com .com http://www.encellin.com
Venari Security Series A $5,834,548 venarisecurity.com .com https://www.venarisecurity.com
emonitor Series A $5,531,811 emonitor.ch .ch http://emonitor.ch
EARTH AI Seed $5,500,000 earth-ai.com .com http://www.earth-ai.com/
Claros Technologies Venture – Series Unknown $5,500,000 clarostechnologies.com .com https://clarostechnologies.com
Craft Standard Venture – Series Unknown $5,410,000 craftstandard.com .com https://craftstandard.com
Peel Venture – Series Unknown $5,260,000 peelinsights.com .com https://peelinsights.com/
Sense Finance Seed $5,200,000 sense.finance .finance https://sense.finance/
POSRocket Venture – Series Unknown $5,000,000 posrocket.com .com http://posrocket.com/
TenureX Seed $5,000,000 tenurex.com .com https://www.tenurex.com/
Ohmyhome Series A $5,000,000 omh.sg .sg https://omh.sg/
Tetra Insights Series A $5,000,000 tetrainsights.com .com https://www.tetrainsights.com/
Quotabook Venture – Series Unknown $5,000,000 quotabook.com .com https://quotabook.com/
BluePallet Venture – Series Unknown $5,000,000 bluepallet.io .io https://bluepallet.io/
StockGro Seed $5,000,000 stockgro.club .club https://www.stockgro.club/
BioSymetrics Venture – Series Unknown $4,875,000 biosymetrics.com .com http://www.biosymetrics.com
Creoate Seed $4,871,008 creoate.com .com https://www.creoate.com/
Medicine Man Technologies Venture – Series Unknown $4,842,000 medicinemantechnologies.com .com https://www.medicinemantechnologies.com/
Wholesum Brands Seed $4,750,000 wholesumbrands.com .com https://www.wholesumbrands.com
ecoworks Seed $4,595,288 ecoworks.tech .tech https://www.ecoworks.tech/
Patchworks Venture – Series Unknown $4,583,549 patchworks.co.uk .uk https://www.patchworks.co.uk/
RocketVax Seed $4,425,449 rocketvax.com .com https://rocketvax.com/
ReBalance Health Venture – Series Unknown $4,249,979 rebalancehealth.com .com https://rebalancehealth.com/
YAA Venture – Series Unknown $4,220,754 joinyaa.com .com https://joinyaa.com/
Killing Kittens Series A $4,162,509 killingkittens.com .com https://www.killingkittens.com/
Qlip Venture – Series Unknown $4,154,307 qlip.es .es https://qlip.es/
Finsbury Glover Hering Venture – Series Unknown $4,036,494 fgh.com .com https://fgh.com/
Allocations Venture – Series Unknown $4,000,000 allocations.com .com http://allocations.com/
FlowAccount Series A $4,000,000 flowaccount.com .com https://flowaccount.com/
Baraka Seed $4,000,000 getbaraka.com .com https://getbaraka.com
HeyRenee Seed $3,800,000 heyrenee.co .co https://heyrenee.co
UnusuAll Seed $3,560,835 unusuall.com .com https://www.unusuall.com
ApnaKlub Seed $3,502,248 get.apnaklub.com .com https://get.apnaklub.com/
Revel Seed $3,500,000 hellorevel.com .com https://www.hellorevel.com/
kenshō Seed $3,500,000 kenshohealth.com .com http://www.kenshohealth.com
Tembo Money Seed $3,481,835 tembomoney.com .com https://www.tembomoney.com/
Foodbomb Series A $3,322,043 foodbomb.com.au .au https://www.foodbomb.com.au/
Academy of Change Venture – Series Unknown $3,308,003 akademiaperemen.ru .ru https://akademiaperemen.ru/
Cayaba Care Seed $3,200,000 cayabacare.com .com https://www.cayabacare.com/
Clinify Health Seed $3,100,000 clinifyhealth.com .com https://www.clinifyhealth.com
NYMBUS Venture – Series Unknown $3,000,000 nymbus.com .com http://nymbus.com
VersusGame Seed $3,000,000 versusgame.com .com https://versusgame.com/
Cent Seed $3,000,000 cent.co .co https://cent.co
MedPass Tecnologia Ltda. Seed $3,000,000 medpass.com.br .br http://www.medpass.com.br
bao solutions Seed $2,967,362 bao.ai .ai https://www.bao.ai
Montonio Finance Seed $2,959,501 montonio.com .com https://www.montonio.com/
Fable Seed $2,708,947 fablehome.co .co https://www.fablehome.co
Neemans Series A $2,694,885 neemans.com .com https://neemans.com/
buynomics Seed $2,600,000 buynomics.com .com https://www.buynomics.com/
ReadiVet Series A $2,500,000 readivet.com .com https://www.readivet.com/
NearPad Seed $2,500,000 nearpad.io .io https://nearpad.io/
Humanity Seed $2,500,000 humanity.health .health https://humanity.health/
StockGuard Venture – Series Unknown $2,499,993 stockguard.io .io https://www.stockguard.io
Actual Veggies Seed $2,300,000 actualveggies.com .com https://actualveggies.com/
OffLimits Seed $2,300,000 eatofflimits.com .com https://www.eatofflimits.com/
CollPoll Venture – Series Unknown $2,160,035 collpoll.com .com http://www.collpoll.com
Alinea Seed $2,100,000 alinea-invest.com .com https://alinea-invest.com/
Elude Seed $2,100,000 elude.co .co http://www.elude.co
Khabri Seed $2,089,231 khabri.app .app https://khabri.app/
The Power Of Music Angel $2,087,575 discoverpom.com .com https://www.discoverpom.com/
Virtual i Technologies Seed $2,000,000 virtualitechnologies.com .com https://www.virtualitechnologies.com/
Faarms Seed $2,000,000 faarms.com .com https://www.faarms.com
SwapMap Seed $2,000,000 swapmap.app .app https://swapmap.app/
Keenturtle Venture – Series Unknown $1,781,119 keenturtle.com .com https://www.keenturtle.com/
Barcats Seed $1,775,208 barcats.com.au .au https://www.barcats.com.au/
Armalytix Seed $1,736,472 armalytix.com .com https://armalytix.com
Operata Seed $1,628,592 operata.com .com https://operata.com
Goodmeetings Seed $1,616,334 goodmeetings.ai .ai https://goodmeetings.ai/
Moises Seed $1,600,000 moises.ai .ai https://moises.ai
Toggle, Inc. Seed $1,600,000 drivetoggle.com .com https://www.drivetoggle.com/
Toggle Seed $1,600,000 drivetoggle.com .com https://www.drivetoggle.com/
Mako Financial Technologies Seed $1,595,704 makofintech.com .com https://makofintech.com
Flying Cape Series A $1,500,000 flyingcape.com.sg .sg https://www.flyingcape.com.sg/
Rens Seed $1,483,681 rensoriginal.com .com https://rensoriginal.com
Equality Check Seed $1,479,062 equalitycheck.it .it https://www.equalitycheck.it
Programa Seed $1,472,089 programa.com.au .au https://www.programa.com.au/
The bina School Seed $1,400,000 thebinaschool.com .com http://www.thebinaschool.com
KHULA! Seed $1,396,986 khula.co.za .za http://www.khula.co.za
MVX Seed $1,300,000 mvx.trade .trade https://mvx.trade
Akronym Seed $1,270,000 drinkmorning.com .com https://www.drinkmorning.com
StackBOX Venture – Series Unknown $1,199,223 stackbox.xyz .xyz https://www.stackbox.xyz/
Medicilio – Cantieri Digitali Medtech Seed $1,176,279 medicilio.it .it https://www.medicilio.it
Tignis Venture – Series Unknown $1,000,000 tignis.com .com https://tignis.com
99math Series A $1,000,000 99math.com .com http://www.99math.com
Marham Seed $1,000,000 marham.pk .pk https://www.marham.pk/
Smart Tag Angel $1,000,000 smarttag.tech .tech http://www.smarttag.tech/
CharismaQ Seed $1,000,000 charismaq.com .com https://charismaq.com/
Vossler Media Group Venture – Series Unknown $1,000,000 vossler.co .co http://vossler.co
Pixuate Seed $999,016 pixuate.com .com http://pixuate.com/
Connectd Seed $998,756 connectd.co .co https://www.connectd.co/
Andata Seed $900,000 andata.ru .ru https://andata.ru
Quickshift Seed $768,042 quickshift.in .in https://www.quickshift.in
Tevel Aerobotics Technologies Angel $740,000 tevel-tech.com .com https://tevel-tech.com
Freedome Seed $712,447 freedome.it .it https://freedome.it/
Gstock Venture – Series Unknown $712,447 g-stock.es .es https://www.g-stock.es/
GoSats Seed $700,000 gosats.io .io https://gosats.io
OneStepDating Angel $546,777 onestepdating.com .com https://onestepdating.com/
Playo Seed $500,000 playo.co .co https://playo.co/
Celcius Logistics Solutions Seed $500,000 celcius.in .in https://www.celcius.in/
Marama Labs Seed $500,000 maramalabs.com .com https://maramalabs.com/
Unravel Biosciences Seed $500,000 unravel.bio .bio https://www.unravel.bio/
Two Tails Story Co Seed $435,000 ttstoryco.com .com https://www.ttstoryco.com
Iona Mind Seed $420,000 ionamind.com .com https://ionamind.com
LaPieza.io Seed $360,000 lapieza.io .io https://lapieza.io
Vodkyte Seed $360,000 vodkyte.com .com https://vodkyte.com
CauliBox Seed $348,183 wearecauli.com .com https://www.wearecauli.com/
Plutoview Angel $320,000 plutoview.com .com https://plutoview.com/
Longview Auto and Tire Seed $300,000 longviewautotire.com .com https://longviewautotire.com
UX3D Seed $236,649 ux3d.io .io https://www.ux3d.io/
Biboss Seed $236,649 bibossapp.com .com https://bibossapp.com
Simpleem Seed $200,000 simpleem.com .com https://simpleem.com/
KaamPe Seed $150,000 kaampe.app .app https://www.kaampe.app/
Epsilon3 Seed $125,000 epsilon3.io .io https://www.epsilon3.io
Verihubs Seed $125,000 verihubs.com .com https://verihubs.com/
Houseasy Seed $122,289 houseasy.net .net https://houseasy.net/
Simply Automate Seed $100,000 simplyautomateinc.com .com https://simplyautomateinc.com/
Bukalapak Venture – Series Unknown $97,586 bukalapak.com .com http://bukalapak.com/
Ucorp App Angel $84,643 ucorp.app .app https://www.ucorp.app/
DFREE843 INC. Seed $50,000 campsite.bio .bio https://campsite.bio
Apothewell Seed $50,000 apothewell.com .com https://apothewell.com/
Cannabis Real Estate Consultants Seed $50,000 cannabisrealestateconsultants.com .com https://cannabisrealestateconsultants.com/

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised their first round of Angel, Seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity, grants, pre-IPO or Series B and beyond funding rounds.

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