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Back in June 2020, we covered the story of the domain names owned by DigiMedia LP, At that time we reported over 1,400+ domains which you can see here. Fast forward 20 months we have pulled together an updated list of domain names in the DigiMedia LP portfolio or at least all of the current domain names which are pointing at NS1.DigiMedia.com

I could easily write a top, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100+ domain names from the portfolio below there really are so many to choose from, it’s one of the best privately-owned domain name portfolios in the world.

Anyway here is a selection of my Top picks noted below and why, What are yours?

Tea.com – Being British, even though I am Scottish we drink a lot of Tea… Fantastic domain name.

Afternoon.com – Yes it’s the time of the day, but wouldn’t it just make an awesome brand.

Bake.com – The name to own if you do Bakery Supplies…

Appliances.com – Build this out and take on any big-box retailer with this awesome domain name, look at AO.com, they started as AppliancesOnline.com

Bicycles.com – Another outstanding domain name that could be a behemoth online store if developed.


Bed.com – Yet again you will see me write about another domain name perfect for an eCommerce store…

This list is endless. I could go on and write all day about the perfect uses for these domain names owned by DigiMedia L.P.

Domain Names Owned By DigiMedia LP

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