3013.com, 9130.com & 9464.com – Are NNNN.com still worth the investment? –

A few years ago NNN.com and NNNN.com domain names were hot, everyone was making a killing on those however that well dried up a few years back when the Chinese economy crashed.

These three NNNN.com have expired and now are in auction over at GoDaddy, will you be bidding?

3013.com – Has been registered since 1999, 9464.com – since 2001, and 9130.com since 2002, all three are currently under Chinese ownership at present, It shall be interesting to see what price they close at in the coming days you can watch them by clicking on any of the above.

Other domain names on the list that I like are noted below.

CoffeeIsland.com – Would make a great coffee place online or retail.

nftcart.com – Could it be an NFT online marketplace?

TenMinutePodcast.com – Pretty self-explanatory this one but could be a great new podcast

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