A little over a month ago, I shared some initial thoughts on the Dan.com update. Since that time, I made a few changes to my portfolio on Dan.com, with the biggest change being the removal of the Make Offer option for nearly all of my domain names priced below $10,000. I mentioned this on Twitter in early August.

For nearly three weeks following this change, I did not have a single buy it now (BIN) sale on Dan.com. Since August 11, I have had four domain names sell at Dan.com using the BIN option. These sales were relatively small, with each being less than $5,000, but the revenue from the sales is motivating and reassuring.

One of the things I don’t love about the new Dan.com is the added prevalence to “Make Offer” when the option is available. You can see the before and after comparison here:

I looked through my records at Dan.com, and it looks like this is the most BIN sales I’ve had at Dan.com in a two week time period. I attribute this to the change to BIN for my domain names priced under $10k. Previously, I would say I was encouraging people to submit an offer rather than using the BIN option. Without the option, people are choosing between the BIN and lease to own (LTO) options.

I have not had any new LTO sales in this time period. This is not surprising given the prices of the domain names I have sold.

It is because of the change in presentation of the Make Offer option that I decided to eliminate the ability for prospective buyers to make offers on almost all of my names priced under $10,000. I think this was a wise decision. The next change I plan to make is to increase pricing on names priced below $5,000. I plan to do this in conjunction with price changes at Afternic.

Postscript: As you can see, Dan.com is an advertiser here. I am not using Dan.com because the company is an advertiser, but it should be noted. In addition, four sales is not statistically significant enough for others to make decisions based on the results I shared. Other people would likely see different results.

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