On August 5th, I wrote about a domain investor who spent more than $500,000 purchasing a Bored Ape Yacht Club ape NFT. At the time, the price to buy the NFT was 199 ETH. Since then, other BAYC apes have sold for more, including a $1.3 million purchase by Andy Booth and James Booth.

BAYC NFTs have had an incredible run, and while I don’t participate in the NFT market, I think this particular set of NFTs is more liquid than most domain names right now.

When I wrote about the $500,000 BAYC purchase, there were many comments from domain investors. While many domain investors have not bought or sold NFTs, there aren’t many domain investors who do not have an opinion on the topic!

To close the loop on the $500k BAYC ape purchase, it looks like this NFT was just sold for 600 ETH via OpenSea:

Converted to US dollars at today’s exchange rate, that is nearly $2.3 million USD. Not considering any of the listing or sales fees paid for the transactions, that is something like $1.6 million in profit on this purchase and sale in less than a month.

I have no idea how many other NFTs were bought or sold by this investor or others, but that is quite a flip.

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Original article: $500k Ape Resold for $2.272 Million Today

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