What do we call something 8 years old? Not new, not a baby, not even a toddler. While there is speculation about when the next round of “Not legacy TLD’s” will be introduced, let’s take a look back at the first 7 to launch in 2014.

In a post I wrote, “It’s a profit deal” I checked in on the first 7 when they were just 4 months old.

Here is what the numbers looked like:

.bike 11,308

.clothing 11,505

.guru 59,280

.holdings 4,932

.plumbing 4,363

.singles 7,012

.ventures 5,916

Over the past 8 years the sales for the first 7 have not been super exciting.

.bike 10 sales for $16.6K
.clothing 2 sales for $381
.guru 55 sales for $76.6K
.holdings sales 5 for $29.8k
.plumbing 0 sales Namebio does not even have them in the drop down list.
.singles 1 sale for $2,760
.ventures 22 sales for $48.7k

Extension 2014 Regs 2022 Regs
.bike 11,308 17,392
.clothing 11,505 14,090
.guru 59,280 60,360
.holdings 4,932 9,051
.plumbing 4,363 3,078
.singles 7,012 3,506
.ventures 5,916 20,133

Sales data taken from Namebio

Registration numbers ntldstats

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