Simone over at put together a nice look at how some large companies are using their premium one word domain names.

Bayer –

The German pharmaceutical company presents a fantastic example of an international domain strategy. They registered the product-related domain under .com but if you access the website from a different country, you will be redirected to the national website with the corresponding ccTLDs such as for Germany, for Italy, for Spain, for the Czech Republic. A savvy solution using keyword premium domains for a global web presence.

BlackBerry –

If you were a BlackBerry manager, what domain would you acquire to enhance the brand’s presence on the web? The Canadian company owns They probably want to connect the brand with a positive association, with something good?! Typing in the premium domain today takes you to BlackBerry’s home page.

Klein –

The American fashion house owns the domain name A clear domain pointing to one of the most bought clothing items the company sells. The fashion brand funnels the traffic through this premium domain to the localized brand website.

There are another 11 companies listed in the article that is well worth a read. Also good to reference back to when discussing a potential big sale with a potential buyer. You have some ready examples to show them how large companies are using premium names that are not their corporate name.


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