Am I missing something? The mystery in investing in long numeric domains

I don’t understand why people are bidding on these domains.

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I share the same feeling of Josh at when it comes to understanding the values of long numeric domains. I have studied the Chinese domain market for years, yet I don’t seem to be able to grasp the importance of long numeric domains.

In a post last month Josh wrote, “There’s about 30 random 6n’s with bids, I’m not sure why, maybe I’m missing something. You can pretty much hand reg any kind of 6n you want without paying Godaddy the extra money.”

6N domains are regularly bought and sold. In fact, Namebio shows twenty-five 6N .com domains sold for prices above $1500 just in the past year. The most expensive ones are ($16,750), ($10,000), and ($8,258). Still, I wonder how likely they are to be developed into websites by end users in China.

Are numeric domains used in corporate China? Certainly. In the Fortune China 100 list published recently, only one company uses a numeric domain for its corporate website — by GD Power. In this case, 600795 is actually the ticker symbol of GD Power listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In my opinion, is not appropriate. My recommendation would be the brand-matching or

The top 100 internet company list published by the Internet Society of China in 2020 contains more startups willing to use numeric domains, especially in the game industry. A total of 8 companies are found to use numeric domains but none is 6N or longer, as shown below.

Length Count Details
1N 1
2N 2,
3N 2,,
4N 2,
5N 1
6N 0

So, you can see that the use of 6N domains in corporate China is more an exception than the norm. I believe that 6N or longer domains are mainly traded among investors with a very low chance of eventually landing in the hands of end users in China.

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