Amazon goes on two-factor domain binge after security announcement

Company registers 88 security-themed domains in useless exercise.

Photo of a Yubi FIDO U2F key in a black laptop. The Key is blue with a gold key emblem on a wood grain background

Amazon is giving away physical security keys like the Yubi FIDO U2F to some AWS customers. announced two new cybersecurity initiatives this week.

First, it is publicly releasing training materials that it uses with its own employees to prevent them from falling for the bad guys. Second, it’s going to offer free physical two-factor authentication keys to some AWS customers to help them protect their security.

Amazon usually registers domain names related to its announcements and this week was no exception. I count 88 new .com registrations on Wednesday related to the news. I struggle to find the point as I review the list. Although Amazon has taken 88 potential security risk domains off the open market, there are thousands more that someone could use to dupe someone. Give me 10 minutes, and I’ll find you at least a hundred variations of these domains that are still available and just as likely to trick someone.

So kudos to Amazon for its new security initiatives. But its domain registrations are akin to security theater.

(If you want to scare yourself about the state of cybersecurity, read This is How They Tell Me the World Ends.)

Here’s the full list of domains:

Amazon Domains

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