I rarely do domain name consulting. When a friend or friend of friend needs some domain registration or acquisition advice, I am happy to chat with them if I am able to offer advice or insight. Beyond that, I am a hard no when people ask about domain consulting.

In the past, I would chat or exchange emails with these acquaintances a few times, and maybe I would follow up down the road if I recalled our discussion to see if they were able to get their coveted domain name. Since I did not have any sort of vested interest in their acquisition, their needs would generally fall off my radar shortly after chatting.


Lately, though, if someone I know is looking for a particular domain name that is registered by someone else, I will add it to my backorder list at NameJet. I will also add it to the Domain Monitor tool at DomainTools. While the domain name(s) may fall off my radar shortly after conversing with someone, if the status of the domain name changes in the future, I will be notified of the status update. I can then reach back out to the person to see if the domain name is still desired.

If a domain name expires or is going to be auctioned, I will be able to see that and be in a position to bid if desired. If a domain name changes hands, I can share an update on that, too.

The domain name acquisition process can be opaque. It’s not always easy to find a domain registrant and connect via email. In addition, it can be tough to negotiate and close a deal without domain name experience. I am happy to offer this to friends of friends if needed. Keeping domain names on my radar for the future can be helpful.


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