Baseball Emoji domain resold for 10x profit
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Emoji domain names got quite the boost when Michael Cyger published The Definitive Guide to Emoji Domains.

Alvin Brown covered them closely and wrote here on about performance one year after the guide was published. He conducted an interview with Michael on his KickstartCommerce Podcast.

I was looking back over the weekend at hyphenated domain name sales on Namebio and came across, XN–Z8H.WS and the sales price of $14,850. Right away I thought emoji, converted the puny code and saw that it was the emoji for Baseball. ⚾ ( BASEBALL). The domain name sold at

The domain name was actually acquired at auction back in 2017 at GoDaddy. It went for $1,480. So the seller was determined to get 10x on their investment it seems.

Things have been quiet over the last year for emoji domain names, NFTs and decentralized domain names have probably stole some of their shine.

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