(19 Years Old) – Ends Today Valued at $22,000 USD

This weekend Top 200 Dynadot Expired Domain Name Auction List, The number one domain name for me on this list if, 19 years old and ending shortly, someone is going to get a great deal on this domain name for only $105 USD – Will you be bidding on this

Others that I like on this list today are noted below – Yes I know GTLD for those who are only Dot Com, but would be costing you a lot more than the price of this domain name that is a nice hack and could be monetized in a lucrative market. – I know .US isn’t a massive market for resale but Home Furniture talking about owning a category. – One word aged dot info, not much more to say than that… – I could see this being a great blog or the title of book / blog…

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Original article: (19 Years Old) – Ends Today Valued at $22,000 USD

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