Nearly a week ago, I published an article about a domain investor spending more than $500,000 USD worth of ETH on a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) ape NFT. This afternoon, Andy Booth announced that he and his brother, James Booth, paid 400 ETH for a different BAYC NFT. This one is golden with red laser eyes and a boat captain’s hat.

According to Transaction Details page, 400 ETH is worth nearly $1,300,000 USD. Wow. Apparently, this is the most anyone has spent for a BAYC ape.

As someone who has never bought or sold a NFT, I feel a little boomerish saying this, but I am floored. I know Andy and James tend to be big risk big reward domain investors, but that’s a lot of loot. Best of luck to them and to others who are buying and selling NFTs.

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Original article: Booth Brothers Spend Nearly $1.3m on a BAYC Ape

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