Brent Oxley grabbed :DomainGang

Two letters: Brent Oxley grabbed

Texan millionaire investor, Brent Oxley, has the best job in the world: investing in ultra high quality domain names, paying top dollar and getting high rewards for his investments.


Two years ago, Oxley acquired the superb two letter domain, with the “Rx” being a shorthand reference to medical prescriptions. The sale of was $1 million dollars via Sedo.

Now, Brent Oxley matches his million dollar acquisition with the registration of Rx.Pharmacy, a premium domain name that was previously reserved.

The interesting part is that to register a .pharmacy domain one needs a special permit and adherence to terms and conditions as seen at Nic.Pharmacy.

It’s not clear how much Brent Oxley spent on the domain but we expect six figures to be the going rate for a two letter domain in the .pharmacy.

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Brent Oxley grabbed :DomainGang

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