CBD day on GoDaddy CBDCream.com leads the list

Some solid CBD related domain names expired and were auctioned on GoDaddy. CBDCream.com closed at $7,877 to lead the way. I see a lot of of articles online about the best CBD creams. There are quite a few sponsored posts, so I would say people are spending money in the CBD cream space.

7 names expired on Tuesday:

cbdcream.com 7,877 USD 2021-08-17 GoDaddy
cbdsupplements.com 6,933 USD 2021-08-17 GoDaddy
cbdnutrition.com 2,347 USD 2021-08-17 GoDaddy
cbdgum.com 1,850 USD 2021-08-17 GoDaddy
cbdvapor.com 1,614 USD 2021-08-17 GoDaddy
cbdmints.com 1,102 USD 2021-08-17 GoDaddy
cbdshot.com 765 USD 2021-08-17 GoDaddy

In other CBD domain name news I acquired CBD.vc about six weeks back, third offer came in today at $1,500 but I think the name worth more. I don’t know if the person today will accept my counter but it’s nice to see action in the space.

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