DAN.com’s Open Domain Distribution Network is live!

DAN announced on Twitter and published a post on Medium with regards to their Open Domain Distribution Network going live.

The most advanced, easy-to-implement & feature-rich domain distribution network is now out of Beta and available for enterprise-level integrators!

By using our Domain Transaction Automation API & Domain Distribution Network API (https://dan.com/api-docs/index.html):

1: Domain registrars can offer advanced secondary market features directly in their search, including payment plans of up to 60 months. This increases your search efficiency, conversion ratio & upsell capabilities.

Besides that, registrars can now, with very limited development become secondary market enabled and allow their users to list their domains for sale.

2: Domain marketplaces can automate their Domain Ownership Transfer service at near cost price and outsource all transactional hassle involved. We handle the entire process from payment to payout for a commission of 5%.

Marketplaces can also increase their seller inventory liquidity and their revenue by using our Domain Distribution Network API. See below how the monetization model works.

3: WHOIS providers can increase their revenue from secondary market sales by publishing more direct match domain purchase options to their users.

4: Startups can easily build and launch a new concept to buy, promote, manage and or sell domains with limited development requirements. We take care of the hard part, while you focus on building an innovative new concept or product in the domain space!

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