Domain investing is a capital intensive business. No matter how much money you have or have access to, you can spend it all acquiring your portfolio of domain names. This fact can make it challenging to grow your personal wealth while building your domain name portfolio.

In a traditional salaried or commission-based job, a person pockets their salary minus their taxes. There may be some business costs not covered by the salary, but a person takes home nearly everything they earn in salary.


On the domain investment side, a person may earn millions of dollars a year in profit/income, but their take home pay may be considerably less. If their business is still in acquisition mode, it is not possible to take home most of the profits. Instead, their business needs to continue buying domain names to grow and improve the portfolio. Great domain names have become much more expensive and tougher to buy, and acquisition costs have gone up.

Someone getting into the domain investment business needs to understand how much money will be required to continue to grow a business. A domain investor may be able to earn good money, but if the proceeds are pulled from the business to fund payroll or other non-acquisition expenses, it will be very difficult to grow and improve the portfolio.

A domain investing business may be doing exceptionally well, but after paying taxes and reinvesting sale proceeds, it can be a challenge to take home a salary that is commensurate with the success of the business.


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