Don’t let another person’s success get you down

One theme that has been a constant in my years writing about domaining is envy. It has reared it’s hear in different ways, sometimes passive other times outspoken.

Envy and jealousy are common feelings in human beings. looks at the three different kinds of envy.


When one is not successful in domaining they tend to focus on outside factors. As one person told me it’s just names, it’s not like there is real talent involved. And that’s the thing I have always said many have a hard time believing there is talent and that someone is better than them at picking, pricing and selling.

Years ago there was someone who was going on a big rant in an email, they could not fathom why they did not have success and grew more frustrated by the day. They read (Frank Schilling’s old blog) and and were flabbergasted by their success.

When I asked him why he was upset? His reply was that he had 3 degrees, a member of Mensa, as he put it “My intelligence dwarfs that of both Schilling and Schwartz, the fact that lesser men have more success than I do in such a mundane business makes me sick.”

He went on about how his wife was going to block the sites on their computer as it was affecting his mental health.

I replied back, “I don’t know you but as just a stranger giving an opinion, I would say domaining is not for you. I know that both Frank and Rick are very intelligent people who for some reason you believe you are smarter than.

But domaining is not a purely academic exercise, plenty of geniuses could not sell their way to poverty level income. There is a mix of creativity, intelligence and most importantly hustle that goes into a profession I think that deep down you despise. You just don’t speak well of other participants and just want to vent about your intellectual superiority. All the best.”

I never heard back from him.

Other times envy comes out in a very subtle way where someone constantly questions the sales of a certain person. Should anyone take every sale as gospel? No. But then question everyone not just one or two that you may be envious of.

Understand how they are doing it

Some quit the business over someone else’s success. That’s foolish. I posted an article about Swetha selling two names for $50K + on Namepros. One member posted they were going to liquidate everything they own, go live under a bridge and perhaps turn to drug use.

You hate to see someone get like that, I hope it was just a temporary moment of frustration. They did post again later thanking members for kind words of encouragement.


The beauty of domaining is there are many different strategies to make money. There are people who play the volume game like Swetha.

Someone might be envious of her sales, but I bet they are not envious of her renewal bill. They are not envious of the time needed to maintain and properly manage a 20,000 domain portfolio.

When you hear about a moment or moments of success you have to understand how the person is attaining that success? Do you want that kind of portfolio and sales strategy.

Here is an inspiring story of someone who just kept working and did not subscribe to a lot of preconceived notions about domaining.

Find the best path for you

At the very high premium end, you need cash to participate. These one word .coms are not cheap and there is a lot of competition. While it might not be uncommon to be envious of those trading the LL.coms and Link.coms of the world there are still plenty of avenues to make money.

Maybe it’s fractional domain ownership if you want to own a piece of the best premium .coms, or it lies in cctlds and new gtlds. There are those staking their claim in the speculative world of blockchain domain names.

No matter what you want to do, someone else’s success should never discourage you. Take the good parts of their success and try to emulate what you can with your own spin.

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