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The domain name has expired after 25 years and is hitting the auction block over at GoDaddy, The domain name auction closes on 10/20/2021 at 9:35 PM (BST) with a little over 3 days left.

Bidding for the domain name is still only $361 USD at the time of writing but I suspect it will rise in the coming days as the end date get closer, why do I say this domain name could fetch big money, well big money from a dot org perspective at least.

I personally think the dot org goes well here with the term and if bought, could be developed into a great online destination for all things politics related be it in the UK, the USA, or anywhere in the world. sold for $2,000 USD and I would say the dot org is worth a lot more than the .info in this keyword, would you?

You can see back in 2017, the domain name was using a WordPress site for a very basic blog and was resharing tweets of the current president of America at the time, Donald Trump, however, it did go offline again in 2020, and looks like it remained parked until it hit the auction block last week.

Shall you be watching this domain auction or placing a bid to own You can follow this auction by clicking here.


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