Flip.xyz buyer revealed

Swetha from DNGear.com sold Flip.xyz last week for $27,888. Her highest sale in .xyz at the time. She smashed that today with Quest.xyz.

Flip now has a website up today.

Introducing Flip

Decentralizing finance democratizes finance, and open systems are exposing the shortcomings of closed ones. But understanding data from open ledgers is complex and overwhelming.

That’s where Flip steps in.

We expose actionable market intelligence to everyone, for free. We’re committed to creating clear, useful, opinionated views of market information.

Flip is your guide in navigating Defi markets.

Flip is built by traders and investors. Everything we create, we use ourselves. Register your email address for updates (and follow us on twitter) as we release new features, market insights from our team, and the earliest access to our private beta.

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