August .ai auctions at whois.ai were led by Fusion.ai at $7,999. In total there were 68 sales with 14 closing at $1,000 or more. The number of sales in August was down compared to July which saw 146 sales.

Top 5

fusion.ai 7,999 USD 2021-08-02 Whois.ai
science.ai 6,102 USD 2021-08-02 Whois.ai
recruit.ai 4,006 USD 2021-08-02 Whois.ai
chameleon.ai 2,975 USD 2021-08-02 Whois.ai
qr.ai 2,500 USD 2021-08-02 Whois.ai

Chameleon.ai was the one I was interested in, I registered ChameleonAi.com a year ago for a potential project. So I am interested to see who bought this and what they do with the domain name.

Here is a look at .ai domain name sales in July.

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