GoDaddy appraisals display comparable domain sales from 2004 (!!!)

GoDaddy appraisals display comparable domain sales from 2004 (!!!)

I got an inquiry yesterday for one of my .com domain names.

I asked the buyer to submit at a 5-figure offer and then I received a $3,500 USD offer.

When I politely declined the offer the buyer said:

“If you change your mind and want to do something closer to the recent sales of *********.com and **********.com feel free to reach out.”

I immediately thought he got these 2 comparable domain sales from GoDaddy appraisals.

And I was right.

The GoDaddy appraisal price for my domain name was for $3,197 USD and the 2 domain names he mentioned were in the list of “Comparable Domains Sold”.

So I did a little bit of research. I quickly found that the first domain was sold in 2015 for $6,000 at Uniregistry as shown at Namebio.

The second domain was not found in Namebio so I checked DomainTools for a whois change.

It turns out that the domain name was sold back in 2004 by BuyDomains!!!
(price was $2,200)

I replied and asked the buyer if 2004 and 2015 is what he calls recent.

I finished with this:

“Please don’t waste my time with this garbage from the Godaddy appraisal tool.
This tool is total crap. Its automated appraisals are the joke of the industry!”


So the question is. How are these “comparable” domain name sales from 2004 (or even earlier) helping appraise a domain in 2021?

Why did GoDaddy develop such a useless “tool” that is so bad for both the industry and GoDaddy’s business and inventory?

Sorry but the people at GoDaddy that are running this tool are totally clueless and dangerous for the company.

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