GoDaddy gets two more patents

Patents cover a social network and domain suggestions.

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted two more patents to GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) yesterday.

Patent number 11,244,331 (pdf) is for System and method for domain name community network. The abstract reads:

Systems and methods of the present invention provide for one or more server computers communicatively coupled to a network and configured to run, within an active memory: a data collection module aggregating a plurality of domain name data; a profile generation module generating a domain name profile from the domain name data comprising attributes associated with a first domain name; a graph generation module defining domain names sharing attributes with the domain name, a second domain name in the domain names sharing a greatest number of attributes with the first domain name and closest, in proximity within a generated graph, to the first domain name; and a domain name strategy suggestion module rendering a user interface comprising a user interface control that identifies a referral to an administrator for the second domain name and provides, within the user interface control, a link for contacting the administrator.

That’s a bit confusing, but the crux of it is an idea to use user data to create a social network for individuals and small businesses:

The disclosed invention, therefore, creates a social network between like-minded entities, where individuals, businesses, domain name registrants, website operators, market researchers, customers, suppliers, peers, consultants, investors, etc. share business strategies and ideas in order to expand business opportunities.

GoDaddy applied for the patent on September 23, 2019.

Blake Irving (former CEO), Rene Reinsberg, and Tina Nguyen are listed as inventors.

Patent number 11,245,665 (pdf) is for Training a learning algorithm to suggest domain names.

The abstract reads:

Methods are taught for creating training data for a learning algorithm, training the learning algorithm with the training data and using the trained learning algorithm to suggest domain names to users. A domain name registrar may store activities of a user on a registrar website. Preferably, domain name searches, selected suggested domain names and domain names registered to the user are stored as the training data in a training database. The training data may be stored so that earlier activities act as inputs to the learning algorithm while later activities are the expected outputs of the learning algorithm. Once trained, the learning algorithm may receive activities of other users and suggest domain names to the other users based on their activities.

GoDaddy applied for the patent on January 28, 2019.

Wei-cheng Lai, Yu Tian, Wenbo Wang, and Chungweid Yen are listed as inventors.

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