Google Domains was still in beta?

Google says its Domains product is finally out of beta.

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Google Domains, with over 5 million .com DUMs, is finally out of beta.

Google Domains announced yesterday that it was out of beta. Your likely response: Wait, Google Domains was still in beta?

The company is known for playing fast and loose with the term beta. Gmail was in beta for 5 years, after all. Google Domains topped that at 7 years. (Google’s official blog post says Domains launched in beta in 2015, but it was actually 2014.) Calling something a beta with millions of paid subscriptions is a bit silly.

I remember the worry in the industry when Google announced its plans in summer 2014. Would Google rapidly take market share from rivals?

It didn’t take market share rapidly. But once it got going, it took a sizeable chunk out of the market:

  • It entered the top 10 registrars for .com domains under management in early 2018
  • It topped 2 million .com domains under management in late 2018
  • It now has over 5 million .com domains under management, making it the 8th largest registrar by that measurement.

And these are just .com domains.

How did it get here? A top result in Google results didn’t hurt, but it also benefited by attaching its domains product to other Google services.

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