looks to have changed hands

It looks like (registered in 1993) has changed hands. The domain name was owned by Verizon. The domain name came to them through their acquisition of AOL who acquired Gravity back in 2014.

Verizon acquired AOL in 2015.

BizJournals wrote about Gravity at the time, as one of the acquisitions AOL made in the ad tech space that made them attractive to Verizon.


Gravity — acquired January 2014 for $90.7 million

Founded by a team of former MySpace executives, content personalization startup Gravity was known for its work with publishers and the platform it designed to specifically tailor “recommendable” content pertinent to the activity of each unique visitor. By personalizing the individual experience of readers based on their previous viewing history and online tendencies, Gravity said it “increases engagement by 240 percent compared to non-personalized sites,” TechCrunch reported. At the time of the acquisition the company didn’t specialize in adtech, but many believed the company showed immense advertising potential given its personalized content engine.

The buyer looks to be Gravity Forms.


Gravity Forms is the most trusted tool for creating advanced forms on your WordPress-powered website. Our mission is to create a platform that leverages the power of our form building tools and the surrounding ecosystem, so that web professionals can build custom solutions for collecting, managing, and sharing business data.

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