buyer revealed sold for $19,888 one of many sales reported last week by Swetha of The website is now up with a coming soon but there is a peek into the project on Twitter.

A place for Web3 guilds

We’ve built a no code tool to stack conditions with logic expressions for token-gated access, including Discord channels, Telegram groups and an API to integrate into any applications. which was purchased recently is already up and running. There have been a few who have questioned Swetha’s sales on Namepros. One has to be careful not to become another offthehandle when he questioned Kate Buckley’s brokered deals. He disappeared and got doxxed.

Swetha has had many of her sales already developed and in my opinion is 100% legit. I think what one member noted was not doubting Swetha but rather why did someone pay this much for a .xyz?

Once in awhile Everyone goes through those conversations in their mind or says out loud, Why did they buy that new gtld and not my superior .com?

I sometimes wonder why someone would pay so much for a personal, vanity name in a new gtld. You figure you paid $7,500 for a personal diary, you could have used your last name too and spent $10. But as we all know you only need one buyer and you are set.

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