How single letter .cn domains are used

Kassey Lee examines how single-letter .cn domains are used.

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Single-letter domains are the best of the best. They are the shortest and easy to remember. They create no language barrier and can apply to a large range of business fields. In this article, let’s look at how single-letter .cn domains are used.

a.cnNot resolve
b.cnLanding page
c.cnLanding page
d.cnGamesMatching Dang Le Wang (当乐网=Be happy network)
e.cnNot resolve
f.cnNot resolve
g.cnForwards to
h.cnNot resolve
i.cnNot resolve
j.cnLifestyle infoNot matching Ta She Qu (她社区=Her community)
k.cnShoppingNot matching Yi Dong Shang Jie (移动商街=Mobile shopping street)
l.cnNot resolve
m.cnNot resolve
n.cnNot resolve
o.cn3D mapsNot matching Du Shi Quan (都市圈=City loop)
p.cnInfo portalMatching portal?
q.cnNot resolve
r.cnFor sale
s.cnShoesMatching shoes. Ming Xie Ku (名鞋库=Famous shoe warehouse).
t.cnNot resolve
u.cnFor sale
v.cnNot resolve
w.cnNot resolve
x.cnNot resolve
y.cnNot resolve
z.cnForwards to

As you can see, most of the domains are not developed, indicating the domain market still in its early phase.

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