How to find available one word domains using isn’t just a resource for determining which domains to buy in the drop.

I started dabbling a bit in .gg domain names a couple of years ago, and I found good domains to register in an unexpected source:

I use to find expiring domains, but note that the name is expired domains. You can also sift through already expired domains on the service using any filters you want. While all of the good domains in .com are taken in drop auctions, some good names in less popular extensions make it past deletion when you can hand register them.


Here’s how I find available one word .gg domains that have already expired:

1. Go to the “Deleted Domains” tab on the top of the site

2. Select ccTLDs G and then .gg

Image of button with ccTLDs G on it


3. Click on “show filter,” go to the Dictionary Word Domains box, select English and one word max.


Picture of Dictionary Words box showing English language and one word max



4. Click the button to apply the filter and you’ll see a list of recently expired one word .gg domains.

The resulting list shows the domain, the metrics you select for each column, the drop date and registration status. Take a look at what type of domains have already been re-registered to see what’s popular. For example, when I ran this search,, and were re-registered., and were still available. (You can also see domains that were caught in the drop by going to the “Caught Domains” button and selecting the TLD of your choice.) chart showing dropped domains and their current registration status as either available or registered

I used this method to register and, both of which I subsequently sold. .Gg is becoming more competitive, so it’s harder (but still possible) to find decent expired domains. But you can use this tool to find expired domains in just about every top level domain.

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