Is your ideal car Lixiang?

Li Xiang has many meanings — and so do many Pinyin names.

Photo of silver Li Xiang SUV

Like many Pinyin names, Li Xiang has many meanings. Photo of a Li Xiang SUV from

If you are a fan of electric cars, you may have come across the name “Li Xiang” (理想). What I find interesting is the connection between the brand name and the name of its creator — and the power of Pinyin domains.

Li Xiang is a serial entrepreneur who once founded the top car site Autohome. In 2015, he set up a company to ride the new wave of electric cars. He named it “Li Xiang” and acquired the matching domain Sales exploded, and last year Li Xiang became the best seller in new energy SUVs in China. In the same year, the car startup went public on the Nasdaq.

Did you notice the name of the brand and the name of its creator are the same? Actually, they are different in the underlying Chinese characters. The brand name is Li Xiang (理想=ideal), but the creator is Li Xiang (李想=Li thinks). That’s the power of Pinyin. Each Pinyin word can represent multiple Chinese characters and, therefore, multiple meanings.

Li can also represent strength (力), gift (礼), beautiful (丽) and many more. Similarly, Xiang can represent fragrant (香), enjoy (享), sound (响) and many more. Therefore, in addition to the two meanings mentioned earlier, can also refer to, for example, standing image (立像), lane (里巷), and project launch (立项).

There is an implication for domain investors. A Pinyin domain may have multiple meanings and therefore can appeal to multiple buyers in different business fields. That’s the power of Pinyin domains.

Also, note that is 2-pin, which is the most popular type in Pinyin names. So, if you invest in Pinyin domains, pay particular attention to 2-pin.

Actually, my ideal car is simply the one that can take me from point A to point B safely, and my ideal Pinyin domains are those that are also pronounceable outside China.

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