It’s Meta Crazy a look behind the keyword Meta

In this edition of Behind the keyword we look at Meta. In 2021 it’s quite clear things are Meta Crazy.

Meta as an exact keyword has made some impressive sales in keywords no one ever discusses or even knew existed.

Meta.LC is a great example, Namepros member Makbliss sold Meta.LC for $20,000. on Afternic. He had just hand regged the name on August 7th of this year. Most don’t even know it’s the country code for Saint Lucia.

Nikul Sanghvi of hit a monster home run 6 days ago with the $149,000 sale of He registered it in April. It was the second 6 figure Meta name this year. sold for $100,000.

The Somalian country code has been an extension where Nikul has had some prior success in 2021. He has 5 of the top 8 sales in an extension that only has 43 reported domain name sales at Namebio.

These two sales are incredible in my opinion. Other major keywords in .LC for example have gone for peanuts. Only 36 reported in total and keywords like Bitcoin and Poker (both very popular) sold for $338 and $510 respectively.

Another eye opening sale is that of The name is 122 days old it sold for $44,000 at last week. sold for $30,000 on 9/28. Registered in 2016, it dropped 5 times before that.

BuyDomains has been underpricing their meta related names. They sold for just $1,388. Compared to the previous .nets I mentioned that’s a bargain. They did up their pricing on which they sold yesterday for $4,488.

Namebio reports 13 Meta exact match sales: 149,000 USD 2021-10-05 100,000 USD 2021-03-30 20,000 USD 2021-09-30 ShowMeDomains 10,000 USD 2021-09-13 5,000 USD 2021-07-26 Sedo 4,550 USD 2018-07-09 GoDaddy 2,835 USD 2011-07-14 Sedo 2,500 USD 2017-05-07 Uniregistry 1,500 USD 2021-08-07 820 USD 2021-09-20 Dynadot 522 USD 2020-12-26 Register.TO 467 USD 2021-05-02 Dynadot 155 USD 2021-08-23 Dynadot

These sales have prompted people to look for any obscure country code they can find, some that don’t even have an entry on Namebio in the drop down list of extensions. Others that actually have a presence requirement not open to registrants from just anywhere.

Meta is hot now because of the metaverse. It’s funny that just a few years back there were articles telling people to please stop using the word. wrote this back in 2016

Top 10 Business Buzzwords To Axe in 2016

#1: Meta

The word meta has its place in business. Meta tags and meta description are SEO tools that help describe your website and content to search engines and users. In that context, the word meta is just fine.

Meta has another meaning, though.

It’s often used to refer to something abstract, self-referential, or mind-blowing. This buzzword so overused it’s lost its significance.

“Hey, I liked the way you wrote that meta (description), man” is great. If you’re about to say “that meeting was so meta, man!” then you’re using a sad, tired buzzword.

Trust us on this one- we optimize websites for SEO. We’re meta experts.

There are popular websites that use the keyword like and Both of these sites come in at around 2350 on Alexa.

The highest selling Meta keyword name was sold by Frank Schilling, in 2015 sold for $100,000. Buyer MetaQuotes Software Corp. Currently does not resolve. was registered in 1991, with one previous drop. The domain name forwards to

Meta, a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative project, is a biomedical research discovery tool that analyzes & connects millions of scientific outputs to give you a comprehensive view into science. You can easily explore research and follow developments by searching for specific terms or creating customizable feeds of papers and preprints.

Will the interest continue? Just about every imaginable keyword combination is getting registered and not just in .com. I see a lot of .xyz registrations as well. A couple days ago domain names were registered like and so we have jumped the shark.

One thing I have noticed is Meta firstnames in .com. So you can your real world name, like Marty and then in the metaverse you are Meta Marty. was registered a couple days ago along with MetaMelanie, MetaJessie, MetaDonald and a few more.

Meta and animals seem to be popular registrations too, both singular and plural.

All sales data provided by Namebio.

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